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Aegisub macros
« on: 22. September 2011, 11:46:53 »
How to use macros in Aegisub:
Copy .lua file into folder "SYSTEM_PATH\Aegisub\automation\autoload".
In Aegisub menu title "Automation" you will find the macro name to activate macro function.

Downloads here.

Add tags:

Adds tags to selected lines or chosen style.

Position shifter:

Shifting position values.


Splits line into frames with changing tag values to allow accelerated moves, vector clip transform, etc.


Splits selected lines into frames and changes \pos to realize jittering (in random or selected directions).


Sorts dialog lines by selection.

Karaoke fix:

Fixes problems in karaoke time:
- Removes sylables with 0ms duration
- Removes first/last sylables, if they have no text
- Adjusts line start times (considers remove of first sylable) and end times (considers sum of sylable times) [ignores lines without sylables]


Reads a WAVE file with PCM s16 data (CD profile) and writes dialog lines to present the amplitudes or magnitudes.
Shape size and frame duration is configurable, further changes can be done afterwards like time shifting, style change or override tags addition.
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